Muskoka Woods benefits from not only being being located in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country, but it also boasts 1,100 acres of land along the shoreline of gorgeous Lake Rosseau. And you can bet the camp has made use of every last acre to create unforgettable summer camp memories.

Although Muskoka Woods offers more than 60 activities to choose from, I want to highlight a selection that will elevate a guest’s experience from fun to freakin’ awesome!   

Drift Trikes

Although it’s probably been a few years since your kids have ridden a tricycle, they certainly have never experienced three-wheeled action like this! New for 2020, Muskoka Woods’ Drift Trikes slip and slide along a downhill course that’s guaranteed to have kids of all ages grinning ear to ear.  

Check out this video to see what all the fuss is about. 

1 hr.; available in bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages.

The Kraken Racer

Does your young camper have a need for speed? The first of its kind in Canada, the Kraken is a blazing-fast six-lane waterslide, featuring twisting tunnels and open multi-bump racing lanes, that provides hours of fun for guests each year.

Suki and Jesse from YTV’s The Zone conquered the Kraken last summer. Check out how much fun they had

1 hr.; available in silver, gold and platinum packages.

Ropes Course

Guests can climb to their heart’s content and reach for the top of Muskoka Woods’ renowned Ropes Course. Did I mention it also features a 305-metre-long zip line? Whee! 

Check out this video to experience the heights guests will reach this summer!

1-2 hrs.; available in bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages.

Skate Park

Calling all aspiring Tony Hawks! Guests of all skill levels can kickflip, nose grind and ollie their way through Muskoka Woods’ expansive Skate Park.

1-3 hrs.; available in bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages.

Swim Beach

Guests of Muskoka Woods enjoy the Wibit

A giant playground on the lake? You bet! Guests can venture down to Swim Beach and spend a couple of hours on the Wibit Waterpark — one of the coolest floating obstacle courses in Canada. 

Check out this overview video for perspective. 

1-2 hrs.; available in bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages.


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