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Benefits Of Co-ed Summer Camps For Kids

Every day when I pick up my kids from school, I notice a common theme on the playground: the boys and girls group together with their respective genders. 

Day in and day out, the boys typically play along the fringes of the soccer field while the girls congregate on the blacktop. Occasionally, they intermingle with one another, but for the most part — and without prompting — the boys play with the boys and the girls play with the girls. 

I don’t think that observation comes as a surprise to anyone. But society isn’t modelled after playground gender politics, and gender equality is a basic human right that we should be instilling in our children from an early age.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to approach this subject with our kids is through co-ed summer camps, where kids can grow as individuals while contributing to a larger community of their peers, regardless of sex or gender.

Here are five ways that the young camper in your family will benefit from their co-ed summer camp experience at Muskoka Woods:

Become your best, regardless of who is around

Boys and girls are often shy to express themselves around each other. It’s natural. Co-ed summer camp teaches self-confidence while feeling comfortable around the opposite sex. After spending a week or more together at camp participating in fun activities and tasks, the awkwardness will more than likely disappear. Don’t just take our word for it — check out this video testimonial!

Enjoy a wider diversity of activity options

Muskoka Woods offers more than 60 activities that guests can choose from to fill their days at camp — stereotype- and judgement-free! From baking and dance to basketball and drift trikes, there’s a little bit of everything for guests to enjoy and learn about. 

Enrol sons and daughters together

If you have a son and a daughter, register them both at the same summer camp! Not only will they be able to look out for one another, but both will benefit from the same high-quality experience offered by Muskoka Woods. Another benefit is that you’ll have one drop-off at one camp and you can have a vacation too! 

Learn how to work together

Outside of the realm of professional sports, there are virtually no careers that are gender specific. It’s important that boys and girls learn to work together productively at a young age because they’ll eventually be working together in the real world. 

Make twice as many friends

Co-ed camps offer the opportunity for guests to make twice as many friends over the course of the summer than they would otherwise! Muskoka Woods encourages friendships to flourish and for its guests to grow in confidence.

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