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Being a Content Creator with Jorden Tually

He’s travelled the world over but points to his time at Muskoka Woods as one of the most impactful experiences. Jorden has carved out a successful career as a content creator. His travel channel on YouTube boasts over 60,000 subscribers and allows him to travel full-time. John explores what it’s like to have ditched “the real world” (Jorden’s words) and what impact Muskoka Woods had on his career.


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Meet Former Muskoka Woods Staff Member Alexia Cain

Meet Former Muskoka Woods Staff Member Alexia Cain

Alexia Cain participated in the making of Limited Edition: Muskoka Woods in your Home during summer 2020 at Muskoka Woods. She attended Muskoka woods as a guest for five summers, one of them as a part of the CEO Leadership Program. For as long as Alexia can remember,...

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