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5 Things You’ll Definitely Miss About Muskoka Woods Summer Camp

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As the old saying goes: time flies when you’re having fun. Just ask anyone who has ever attended summer camp at Muskoka Woods. Six days spent on the shore of Lake Rosseau can whizz by in what feels like six minutes, and when it’s all over, the wait for the following year’s camp can seem like an eternity.

This year, we hope our guests were able to live in the moment as much as they could. Here are five things they’ll definitely miss about summer camp at Muskoka Woods — until they return to relive the experience!

The Activities

Starting in summer 2021, guests experienced more activities than ever before at summer camp with their cabin group. Every day is a little different but schedules are generally based on 1.5-hour activity blocks. Each cabin group participates in three-to-five selected activities together throughout the day and then enjoys an evening program. Long-standing favourites include the KrakenRACER water slide (pictured), Wibit Waterpark and Ropes Course.

The Counsellors

The counsellors at Muskoka Woods are much more than facilitators of fun. In many cases, they become lifelong mentors of guests. We even caught a few staff members by surprise with video testimonials from guests (I’m pretty sure I saw a tear or two). Check out the video to discover how Muskoka Woods’ 2:4 staff-to-guest ratio makes an impact in the lives of young people.

The Food

Does southern-style scrambled eggs, chicken shawarma and beef stir fry sound like traditional camp fare? Definitely not. Muskoka Woods prides itself on offering guests meals and tasty treats they’ll want to eat at home, too. We also provide gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan meal options.

The Friends

Overnight summer camp isn’t only about fun and games. It’s also about creating unforgettable memories and making friends you’ll have for life. It’s not uncommon for guests to make fast friends with their cabin mates. Make sure your young camper gets contact information from the new friends they make at Muskoka Woods so they can stay in touch throughout the year.

The Lake

Lake Rosseau isn’t just one of the four largest lakes in Muskoka — it’s the playground for tons of Muskoka Woods’ water-based activities. Everything from watersports like Waterskiing & Wakeboarding, Sailing and Windsurfing, to free time hanging at Swim Beach is enjoyed on or around Lake Rosseau. 

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