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10 Things You Can Finally Do While The Kids Are At Summer Camp

After months of anticipation, the time has finally arrived for the kids to go to overnight summer camp! Sure, you’ll miss them, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your own fun. 

Here are 10 things you can finally do while the kids at camp:

Catch a Jays game

Things are looking up for the boys in blue! The Toronto Blue Jays’ trio of young prospects Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Cavan Biggio and Bo Bichette are making things exciting again at Rogers Centre — and you can probably score tickets on the cheap

Cottage getaway

Why should the kids be the only ones enjoying prime lakefront Muskoka Woods living during their week at camp? Start planning a weekend cottage getaway of your own so you can soak up the serene Muskokan sights and sounds, too. 

Dine out…

Time to treat yourself to a menu that doesn’t include chicken fingers and French fries. Open Yelp and search for that five-star restaurant your friends have been raving about.     

…Or dine in

There’s more in the pantry than red sauce and rigatoni! Spare no expense and cook up a multi-course meal that’ll impress even the harshest of food critics. Make it even easier on yourself and order all the pre-portioned ingredients from Hello Fresh — you deserve it.  

Get out in the garden

Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore — and it can certainly be more than pulling a few weeds. A day spent in the garden is not only good for your landscape, but it’s also good for your soul. Take advantage of your kid-free time and plan a new flower bed to add some colour to your yard. Don’t have a yard? Use the opportunity to plant a container garden. Check out Gardenia for botanical inspiration, advice and a super-handy online garden design tool. 

Go to the movies

Sure, you could always stay in and watch something on Netflix, but we recommend seeing what’s playing at your local cinema and indulge in a matinee summer blockbuster. And add some extra butter to your popcorn, too.  

Read a book 

When was the last time you sat down in your favourite reading nook and cracked the spine of a novel without interruptions? It’s probably been longer than you thought. Reading for pleasure is a luxury that you should indulge in while you have some peace and quiet. Check out The New York Times Best Sellers list for a selection of great reads. 

Shop till you drop 

Revel in the freedom of a kid-free shopping extravaganza that doesn’t include stops at Toys “R” Us, Justice or the bathroom every 20 minutes. Spend some extra time mulling over those decorative pillows that will really finish off the living room.

Sleep in

That snooze button on your alarm clock? Hit it. A few times. More than a quarter of Canadians aren’t getting enough sleep. With the kids at camp, now’s your time to catch up.  

Take a scenic drive

Go out for a long Sunday drive any day of the week without multiple pitstops or “are we there yets” coming from the back seat. Bonus: no kid-friendly playlists to contend with either. Here’s a Spotify mix that’ll provide the soundtrack to your kid-free cruise.

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